You left me for a broken dream

One that became broken because you left me 

Then you returned and spawned another dream

But I’m like you

I too can break dreams

And this new one you presented to me

Is shattered and left to be lonely

Because you see my dear

I don’t trust thee 

You will always leave me for a broken dream

Or I will destroy every new dream you give me

It’s in our nature 

As I have come to realize

Maybe we weren’t meant to be

Or our dreams wouldn’t be broken and empty 

I love you and always will

But I can’t sit here wanting you anymore

That’s just a dream that’s broken

My pain the forever side effect

You will always live in my heart

I don’t know how to move on

Not gonna lie, it’s kinda scary

But I must move on

So breaking this dream and saying no more is where I’ll start