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Brody Edwards is just a regular guy, or so he believes. He is plagued by a darkness inside of him itching to come out after years of being semi-socially isolated and lonely. Upon making a life changing decision, he makes a discovery that he may very well have a super-human agility, and with that discovery comes the real question: can he dance that fine line between responsibility, and sociopathic recklessness?

Set in a fictional time in the state of Washington, with an emerging fascist police state hiding in the background, threatening to turn the whole settiing into a dystopia and darker than the dark current events going on in this fictional world currently. Be sure not to miss the beginning of a new legend: The Dark Hero. (A dark fantasy/supernatural/thriller)

The Darkness WithinAct I: A Heel Turn

Written by: Macly Phoenix

Published by: Burning Suns Fiction Publishing Company

Copyright © 2015, All rights reserved by Macly Phoenix and Burning Suns Fiction Publishing Company- an online fiction eBook company 

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