Welcome to Through the Fire. I am writer/novelist Macly Phoenix. This is my personal blog where I share my thoughts, feelings, rants, poetry, and stories. My own little place, and nothing like social media.

This is a minor reboot of the blog itself, hence why this post is currently stickied to the front page. I’m going back to the basics, and getting away from all the emo, whiney, “the world is out to get me” posts that I got carried away with and flooded this blog with. In the beginning, Through the Fire was never supposed to get like that. Yes I’m bipolar with bouts of clinical depression as well as paranoia, but that is no excuse for what this blog devolved into. I was also broken hearted. Again, no excuse.

So now that things are changing back to how it was supposed to be; this blog is not for everyone and was never meant to be. It’s dark in it’s undertone, and at heart, anti-establishment (which is a broad term way of saying main stream society, not just politics.) Unlike Facebook, I control my content.

With that said:

Enjoy!, and don’t get too toasty in the flames, and stay away from the ether. That shit burns the soul slowly


Somebody is always watching you…


-Macly Phoenix-